Determinations are written decisions made by the Planning & Development Director concerning (1) the meaning of the Development Ordinance text, (2) the boundaries of a zoning district on the Zoning Map, (3) whether a specific land use is allowed in a zoning district, or (4) compliance with a condition of approval.

Compliance Determinations

    Section 1.8.5 Prior-Approved CU Zoning - Amending Conditions of Approval (PDF)
    Section 5.14.5 Multiple Lot Development - Violation of Multiple Lot Development Option (PDF)

Map Determinations

Text Determinations

    Section 4.4.4.G.1 Vehicle Establishments - Approved Methods of Screening (PDF)

    Section 5.2.2. Street Access (PDF)
    Section 5.7 Signage - Removal Due to Demolition (PDF)

    Section 5.7.7 Exempt Signs - A Work of Art with No Commercial Message (PDF)
    Section 10.2.6.A. Maximum Building Height Measurement (PDF)

Use Determinations

    Section 4.1.9 Principal Use Table - Crematoriums (PDF)

    Section 4.1.9 Principal Use Table - Server Farms and Data Centers (PDF)

    Section 4.1.9 Principal Use Table - Shared-Use Kitchen (PDF)