The voluntary annexation process enables a property owner to request the City Council to annex their unincorporated property into the City of High Point. Upon the effective date of annexation, the property is entitled to municipal services.

In accordance with City Council’s Water and Sewer Extension Policy (PDF), property must be located within the corporate limits of High Point to be eligible for connection to City water and sewer services, except as authorized by the policy.


  • A Pre-Application Conference is required within 3 months prior to submitting an application for annexation.
  • The property must be within the City’s planning jurisdiction, which is established by annexation agreements with surrounding municipalities and it can be viewed on thePoint. It is labeled "Annexation Agreements" under the jurisdictional layer.
  • If the property is located in Davidson County, the Davidson County Commissioners must first adopt a resolution consenting to the annexation prior to submittal; in accordance with the City’s Davidson County Annexation Petition Policy (PDF), annexation petitions cannot be accepted unless accompanied with a copy of the adopted resolution.

Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Approval of an annexation is by ordinance adopted by the City Council.


  1. The applicant submits an application, supplemental documents and fee.
  2. Applications are assigned a Case Manager to act as the point of contact and assist with managing it through the process.
  3. Staff reviews the application and notifies the applicant of any deficiencies. If the application is sufficient, then staff prepares a resolution of intent that the City Council adopts and sets the public hearing date.
  4. Public notice of the application is provided by published notice prior to the City Council public hearing.
  5. A staff report is prepared and provided to City Council.
  6. At the public hearing, Council will hear from staff, the applicant and other members of the public who wish to speak on the matter.
  7. After the public hearing, the Council approves or denies the annexation ordinance. The applicant will receive written notice of the decision.

Submittal Requirements

  1. Completed Annexation Petition (PDF) submitted to the Planning and Development Department or online through Accela Citizen Access (ACA)
  2. Application fee
  3. Copy of the latest deed of record for all property
  4. A map of the area requested for annexation that is clear and to a readable scale. Prior to the public hearing, the applicant must submit an annexation map prepared by a NC professional land surveyor or professional engineer that is consistent with the annexation map checklist in the Standards and Practices for Development (PDF).
  5. If submitting on ACA, attach a completed Board Action Application Signature Form (PDF).

Additional Information

  • If the property is outside the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), then a zoning map amendment application must be submitted with the annexation petition.

Expected Processing Time

  • Within 2 business days of receipt of an application the Planning & Development Department will determine whether an application is complete or incomplete.
  • If the application is incomplete, then the applicant will be notified within those 2 business days with a written list of application deficiencies.
  • If the application is complete, then it shall be considered submitted.
  • Approximately 50 business days from the monthly submittal deadline to public hearing and potential decision
  • Processing time can increase for requests that require a 60-day notice to other municipalities


  • Application fee is due at time of submittal
  • See the Development Fee Schedule (PDF) for specific fees
  • Payment types accepted: Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and Check or Money Order payable to the City of High Point
  • Online (ACA) payment types accepted: Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and E-check